Place to Donate Old & Used Clothes Books: MADE EASY FOR YOU Charity Trust

“Kapda” means clothes and “Kitaab” means books.

Kapda Kitaab Bank is the initiative of MADE EASY FOR YOU, and the idea behind the genesis is to aegis the needy by providing unused clothes and old books. Donating clothes and books is considered as one of the noble cause. It has come to our notice that there are many people, who are willing to donate clothes and books, but they are not finding any reliable platform, hence Kapda Kitaab Bank is the right place to donate unused clothes and books. Recently faculties, students and staff of MADE EASY donated old clothes and we distributed those clothes to more than 850 people, who were residing in slums/road sides during winters. Also books were donated to students of government schools in remote areas.

The old and unused clothes in your wardrobes can be useful to someone. The clothes donated by you can save people from the chilling winters. The clothes donated by you can make some happy. We accept clothes for both males and females, but it should in ready to use condition.

Even the books (note books, text books, reference books) and stationary items (pen, pencil, scale etc) can help those students who have zeal to study, but unable to purchase books. These books and stationary items will be distributed to the students of government schools, colleges, slums etc. The text books and reference books will be distributed directly to students who are financially weak and unable to purchase books.

Donated Diaries to the underprivileged of UMEED AMAN GHAR

Again an initiative was taken by MADE EASY FOR YOU where we have distributed 120 diaries to the underprivileged students of UMEED AMAN GHAR. The whole concept was to provide educational material from one place of abundance to a place of need.

This small effort brings a big smile on students face as they were actually in need of this type of educational material.

You can submit clothes and books at our store house located at:



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Note-1 : Clothes should not be torn. Clothes should be neatly washed and pressed.

Note-2 : Every record of donor will be maintained on website.